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They have finally put Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak on trial in Egypt. He has been trying to get out of taking responsibility for his crimes during his dictatorship by saying he was “too sick” to stand trial. Don’y you just love a faker? Didn’t we all used to do this when we were kids when we didn’t want to go to school? Source of this news story:


The trial of Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak resumed Monday behind closed doors, while outside the courtroom clashes broke out between police and families of those killed in the uprising that led to his ouster.

Mubarak is charged with ordering the killing of protesters to quash the uprising in February that brought about an end to his 30-year rule. He faces a possible death penalty, if convicted.

The clashes began when the families of those killed tried to push their way into Cairo’s police academy, the site of the trial. Police used batons to beat them back. The family members, in turn, threw rocks and guard railings at the officers.

Police chased the protesters and family members, beating some and arresting others. After the melee, the riot police circled the entrance of the court and cut off access.


One of the best SEO companies in the United States, SEOP, based in California has been listed in Inc Magazine for its accomplishments as the one the quickest growing companies.  Good news for the search engine marketing industry – it is now a viable, recognizable and respectable industry.  This news on technology comes from: NBC news.

SEOP, the most sophisticated search engine marketing firm in the industry, has been recognized by Inc. Magazine for its status as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Published annually, the 2011 “Inc. 500/5000” list took note of SEOP’s dramatic gains in revenue, and the impressive clientele that have turned to SEOP for their search engine strategies.

SEOP has seen a 460% increase in revenue as more and more of the top companies in the country — and around the world — have utilized their remarkably successful service. Ranked by Inc. Magazine to be #80 in the advertising and marketing industry overall, SEOP features the best brainpower and the best technology in the world.

Each employee hired by SEOP was brought on because they were an expert in their particular field. From search engine optimization (SEO) and website design & development to more advanced forms of search engine marketing — such as online reputation management, social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) management, and affiliate marketing — an ever-growing list of top clients have become the beneficiary of these paradigm-shifting techniques.

SEOP was founded in 2005 following studies which indicated that companies were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenues each day due to a poor showing in search engine results. These companies have seen their sales directly impacted by their presence on popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Internet users across all demographics have come to rely on search engines when seeking information, yet they rarely browse past the Top 20 results.

SEOP is headquartered in Irvine, CA with additional offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Mexico, and Asia. Their roster of over 250 seasoned, talented professionals around the world design custom-built campaign strategies tailored to each client based on their industry, market share, and location. SEOP has produced unprecedented gains in the Google rankings for companies of all sizes all around the world.

“Our thought-leading methodology is continuously evolving and remains the most sophisticated and driven in the industry,” SEOP SEO Manager Tracy Shackelford explained. “And it has proven itself to work time and time again. We manage the desired keywords so that our clients will not be lost in the shuffle when a potential customer performs a search on their targeted keywords.”

Tsunami in Japan

tsunami in JapanLike I said in my previous posting, the tsunami in Japan was bad news. Just watching the news on the TV and all the videos made me think of how terrible this has been for the Japanese people there. It was really terrifying and I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for the survivors to watch it. And now they have to rebuild their whole lives. The roads are covered with all the debris that the huge tsunami left in its wake. So many lives were lost and they don’t know how many people actually died yet.

I couldn’t believe it when I watched it on TV how all the buildings and cars were just floating down streets and tossed by the tsunami. It’s so unreal and scarey. Watch the video and see how all the boats and cars just got thrown around by the power of this terrible wave.

Now only was everything wrecked by first the earthquake in Japan and then the tsunami, now they’ve got problems with the nuclear plants. Just tragic.